The Huntress of the Depths


When interacting with mortals, she takes the form of a woman with a sleek, lithe form, the bottom half of her face, stomach, and around the pitiless black orbs of her eyes in white, everything else in black. Atop her head is a jewelled fin which runs down the back of her neck. Her wide smile reveals rows of needle-like teeth flecked in blood and viscera, her ears tapering into a half dozen tiny tentacles which undulate in some unseen current. Her breath smells of fish blood. The bottom half of her body is a writhing mass of large suckered tentacles which extend into the depths behind her, and her black hands are webbed.


She has brokered a deal with the Path Ascendant and Taggart to help her usurp Siakal as Western Goddess of War, in return for aiding Dominaria in times of war.


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