Tag: Realm


  • The Immaculate Order

    Centred at [[Tides of Serenity Monastery]] outside the capital, a grand and venerable temple to Daana’d, the Immaculate Order is a notable if not dominant religious force in the city. They offer training in the trades and succour to the poor, fight …

  • Nagisa

    A small island kingdom two months sail southeast of [[Jugashi]], its capital of [[Halcyon]] currently occupied by Sessus Varith and the 2nd Dragon of the [[6th Legion]]. Nagisa has been declared a Realm protectorate.

  • 6th Legion

    The 6th Legion of the Imperial Army is composed of five Dragons, each 500 strong. Each Dragon is divided into two 250 strong Wings, which are in turn composed of two 125 strong Talons of five 25 strong Scales of 5 strong Fangs. Ledaal Miran serves as …