Leviathan Isle is named for the eight jagged stone pillars which extend at roughly 45 degree angles for a hundred metres over the primary harbour of Deepmaw, topped by large circular platforms supporting immense statues of unknown deities. The waters of the bay are unusually calm, even in the fiercest of storms, despite its open shape.

It is ruled with an iron fist by the wealthy and renowned mercenary company that calls it home, its peoples largely employed in the production of Blooming Soul, a loose Low Realm translation of the Shining One word Kalahashiar. Often referred to as Kala, it is a potent hallucinogen that evokes a deeply spiritual experience which lends a delightful and exotic flavour to prayer, it is in high demand from Gods and their followers across Creation. Only the extremely wealthy can afford to use it recreationally. The plant itself is a crawling vine with a deep rich purple blossom that only opens by the light of the full moon. Its shining silver pollen can be refined into Kala via complex alchemical rituals handed down through generations by the Shining Ones.

It is populated by three tribes in addition to the recently arrived mercenaries:

  • The warlike Fangs of Night, who worship bloody-minded gods of the deep jungle and frequently raid outlying settlements.
  • The peaceful Tideswalkers who stilt fish along the coasts and worship the nearby water courts.
  • The agrarian sun-touched Shining Ones of Daygrace whose almost complete tranquility always strikes outsiders as being subtly unnerving.

Kala is grown in five major plantations on Leviathan, each heavily guarded to prevent anyone from attempting to take cuttings off the island.

  • Cascade – The capital and largest plantation built along the terraced plains arranged radially around the major harbour of Deepmaw Bay. The extensive network of tunnels found beneath its terraces serve as accommodations for most of the plantation workers and enlisted soldiers, while the wealthiest mercenaries make their estates at the top of the ridge overlooking the bay. Children talk of strange and friendly spirits that play with them in the deepest tunnels, and the villagers now forbid further exploration. Fresh breezes flow continuously through even the deepest reaches, and veins of valuable sunstones that soak up sunlight and glow in darkness have been found throughout its depths.
  • The Reserve – The Reserve is a deep cylindrical valley surrounded by eight waterfalls, verdant and full of life, incredibly humid and famous for its hot springs. It serves as a hospital and vacation spot for soldiers. Hemitoroidal platforms house villages along its lip to man and service the bamboo elevators which exchange supplies and gather the harvest.
  • Eversong – A broad delta of the Sunstear river ending in the Samafir’s Folly reservoir. The villagers on its many fertile islands continuously play music in shifts to entertain the river god Calthrious and keep the sediment rich. The reservoir is said to be infinite in its depths. On nights lit by the full moon, locals claim to be able to see a treasure horde sparkling in the deep. The reservoir was named for the Scavenger Lord Thrane Samafir who attempted four expeditions to uncover its secrets, the last of which never returned.
  • Daygrace – An open plain covered in brightly coloured blossoms of all kinds atop a mesa upon which the sun shines all but one night a month – that of the full moon. People who live there for long periods develop golden-bronze skin and glow faintly at night. The golden water that falls in the daily rains is sweet and feeds the Sunstear river.
  • Brightwalk – Distant and tended by a stilted village above a coral shoal. Periodically loses its tribute to the Fangs of Night stalking the nearby jungle. Soldiers enjoy vacationing here for the close ties with the nearby Sunkissed Court. Every so often a soldier washes up drowned, but this is considered the natural price of dallying with sirens. It beats dying to the Fangs.


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